With winter upon us, days are growing shorter and mornings are getting darker by the day. This, of course, also means you get to spend less time outdoors which can be a pity if you’ve spent all year taking care of your garden.

Just because it’s cold and dark outside, however, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your garden during the winter! The good news is that the cold and frosty months give you a fantastic opportunity to see your garden in a new light – metaphorically and literally.

Getting your garden lighting sorted will not only help you enjoy it for longer even during the cold season but will also minimize the risks of slips and falls. A set of spike lights can make it easier than ever for you to find your path in the dark and can be an absolute gift during the winter months.

Alternatively, you can illuminate the front porch or front door with wall lights. There are few things more beautiful and relaxing than looking at the rain or snow through a window as the subtle lights highlight every single droplet on your plants, cobbles, and decking.

Aside from the practical reasons, installing garden lighting in the winter can really enhance the look of your garden. Even something as simple as a string of fairy lights can transform your yard and turn it into a magical winter fairytale. Especially around Christmas, garden lighting – as subtle or daring as you wish it to be – can enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space and invite the holiday spirit inside your home. And, if you’re not the biggest fan of winter, go for warmer shades of yellow that will remind you that spring is just around the corner!