Put magic in your garden

Put magic in your garden

MOONSCAPE™ lights extend the night-time sanctuary of your home, right through your garden.

MOONSCAPE™ paint the dark with light and on those balmy summer’s nights, host your friends in your exquisite garden-scape. Washed or spot-lit paths and feature trees. Flood-lit or silhouetted grasses, shrubs and climbers. Your very own magical outdoor/garden work of art. And on those cold winter nights, sit inside by the fire and open the drapes to gaze across the ethereal sight of your own amazing fantasy garden.

MOONSCAPE™ luminaries. Proven to thrive for years in the harshest New Zealand and Australian conditions. From sea-shore and marshland, to mountain-top. We guarantee it.

MOONSCAPE™ lights for the complex aspects of exterior lighting

MOONSCAPE™ for the atmosphere you want with…
  • better use and definition of space
  • better safety and security for your home
  • better management of spill light and glare
  • better energy efficiency 
  • more convenient placement of control equipment
  • reduced installation, operation and maintenance costs
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*photos supplied by The Garden Lighting Company