Our Company


  • Provide a fair price range of top-quality outdoor lights.
  • Exceed performance durability, and demands beyond reasonable expectations.
  • Work to increase our existing 90% plus New Zealand content.
  • Follow a continuous improvement, design philosophy.
  • Simplify production and minimise the number of components and materials.
  • Use only material that enhances performance, and durability and respects the environment.
  • Employ local labour and contractors.


Moonscape Outdoor Lights Ltd is based in Auckland New Zealand.
Our team is a multi-generational, private family business.
We have designed and manufactured outdoor/garden lights
since 1984 (Earlier as Zeltech).
Significant exports of MOONSCAPE™ go to Australia and the
United Kingdom. International agency inquiries are welcome.

For lighting installations and a copy of the Insiders Guide to Outdoor Lighting, contact our sister company, The Garden Lighting Company at 09 948 9089 or www.gardenlights.co.nz

Light Categories

Garden Lights

Steps & Ingrounds

Wall Lights


Manufacturing Process

Moonscape designs use State of the Art 3-D modelling and prototyping. We simplify production and reduce the number of components and minimise materials to enhance performance, durability while respecting the environment. Our designs and production meets New Zealand standards.

We use hand metal-spinning, precision plastic injection moulding, and live tool CC lathes. We assemble, inspect, test and pack every light by hand.

We use the best materials, the best equipment and the best people to create our terrific lights. We are confident that you will enjoy them.